The incredible city of Leptis Magna (originally spelled Lepcis and often known in Arabic as Lepdah) is located about 120 km east of the capital 
Tripoli and was originally a Berber settlement. It is now a UNESCO World herritage Site and was once the largest and greatest Roman city in Africa.
Due to the rise and fall of the Lubda Wadi the city has at times suffered from flooding and in the past the Romans (Leptis Magna became part of the Roman 
empire in 111BC) built flood defences to protect it. With these defences no longer in place the city of Leptis Magna suffered great flooding in the 
late 1980’s which took several years to restore. A UNESCO flood defences project in the 1990’s has put an end to this problem. The City is constructed 
out of strong Limestone and so over the years has been abel to withstand earthquakes and the ersosion of time.
Leptis Magna has a history of being a trading port and is famed for its beautful architecture. Benefiting from a stunning Amphitheatre 
(dug out of an old quarry) the area is also surrounded by temples, arches and streets all waiting for you to enjoy.
With over 20 individual architecturally beautiful locations you can expect to see:
The Light House
The Byzantine Gate
Septimius Severus Arch
The Severan Forum
The Severan Basilica
The Old Basilica
Marcus Aurelius Arch
The Villa of the Nile
Arch of Tiberius
Plus many more.

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Severan Forum

Severan ForumThe basilica, which is inspired on the Basilica Ulpia in Rome, belongs to the Severan Forum, which in the southwest was closed by a Temple to the Septimius family, and in the northeast by the Severan Basilica.Read more

The Arch of Septimius Severus

The Arch of Septimius SeverusThe North African-born Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (r. 193-211) ruled through a program of dynastic succession, militaristic power and architectural revival. He was the first Emperor born in the provinces since Hadrian and Trajan. Idolized for his military successes, having been declared emperor by his troops, Septimius is most well known for his Parthian victories Read more

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