Besides the remains of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, the other great treasure Libya can offer you is travel through the greatest desert in the world.

The Fezzan region in south-west Libya offers an utterly unforgettable experience.

You will fly to Sebha, and then travel by 4×4 through the awe-inspiring Acacus Mountains and Sand Seas of the region, camping in the soaring dunes of the world’s largest desert. Viewing the ancient rock art, some of it depicting life in the area when it was a lush savannah, and seeing (or swimming in) the beautiful lakes of the Ubari are both experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

We can provide tents for camping, or if the weather is suitable, consider sleeping out under the stars for an unforgettably beautiful experience. The night sky in the desert is dazzling.

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GhatMost of what remains of the old Tuareg town of Ghat at the southern end of the Acacus is from the 12th century. The old mud brick medina is fascinating and charming. A web of narrow lanes weaves between the whitewashed buildings with tiny palm or Cyprus trunk doors. Beautiful Tuareg silver jewelry and leather Read more

Al Awaynat

Al Awaynat is transit point on the road from Ubari to Ghat. this Tuareg center is always an excellent rest or for food/fuel supply and in many occasions we even start our desert adventures from Al-Awyant rather than Ghat.Read more


UbariOn route through the Fezzan Tour is Ubari which is an an important town of the area and second biggest south west of Sebha. On our tours, Ubari is mainly used as a through point to get to other more interesting destinations, however there is an old Turkish castle used as military camp a few Read more


GermaClose to the small town of Germa are the ruins of Garama. The Garamantians were an indigenous people and enormously significant to Libya’s heritage. They lived here from about 900 BC for 600 years and had outposts of the Empire from Ghat to Ghadamis to Tripoli. They were a very successful people and contributed to Read more


TripoliVisit a city that’s 2,500 years old. Wander amidst the winding streets and whitewashed walls of the ancient medina. Admire some of the greatest treasures of the Mediterranean in the Jamahiriya Museum. Discover shops, restaurants, and the heart of modern LibyaRead more

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